How Often Do You Empty a Cat Litter Box?

Hi FlyLady,Please help!  How often do you empty a cat litter box?  What day of the week do you do it?  I procrastinate on this and it often only gets done every few months (I know..super gross). How do you stay motivated to do it? How do you get into the habit in the first place?


FlyBaby Sarah

Dear Sarah,

The best way to establish a habit is to do it every day. We have two cats and one litter box. The litter box does not need to be emptied every day; it just needs to be scooped. With some of the scoop-able litters on the market; your home and kitty can always smell nice.

Every night as part of our before bed routine, I watch my husband scoop the litter box. If you don’t clean it every day; your cat will find other places to do their business. Our cats love a clean litter box. Then once a month you can change out the litter. We sprinkle a little Arm and Hammer Cat Box Deodorizer in the litter box each week.

You and your cat are going to love this tool we found on Amazon. It is called a Litter Genie. It is like one of those Diaper Genies for babies. The Litter Genie is as cute as it can be. Every two weeks, Robert takes it outside along with our coffee grounds and fills up a big hole in our yard. The bag can also be added to your trash.

If you have a cat; you need this tool. It will make your life easier. Also get a Rubba Scrubba while we are doing a Buy One Get One FREE.


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