Before Bed Routine and Rubba Scrubba Saved The Day

Dear FlyLady –

I am in the babysteps level and have ordered several of your tools.  The purple “Rags in a Bag” are the best motivators to the swish and swipe every morning.  I smile whenever I look at them!

When doing my Night Routine and getting my clothes ready for the next day, I picked out a black sweatshirt hoodie that had just come out of the wash; but when I pulled it out I saw white pieces of paper falling out of the right pocket.  I had forgotten to check before washing and had a bunch of facial tissue in it!  What a mess!!

The big wadded pieces came out ok; but since it was fleece the smaller pieces were sticking like glue.  The pocket was deep and sewn to the body, so I couldn’t just turn it inside out easily.  After struggling for a few minutes, I thought about the Rubba Scrubba and all the different ways people have used it.  It brushed those pesky little pieces out in a flash!!  I can’t imagine what mental state I would have been in had that happened in the morning!

I am so glad that I found your website!  That timer is being used both at home and at work.  I “can do anything for 15 minutes”!  Thank you for doing all that you do!

Baby Stepping Illinois

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