November Habit #17 Thanksgiving Meal Was Wonderful

Dear FlyLady,

Given we are facing the holidays and working on menu planning I wanted to send a note that may be helpful to other Flybabies.

Our family, like many others, is a blended family. Both my husband and I are widowed and we combined our family of 4 children, 2 teen boys and 2 – 6 yo girls. We had many emotions running at all times but especially at the holidays. Knowing food and the smell of the food really bring the holidays to life I asked everybody what one food really made Thanksgiving feel like Thanksgiving to them. It was funny but I had one dessert, one main dish, 3 side dishes and an appetizer. Perfect! There was my menu!

Last Thanksgiving day I spent the day in the kitchen as I always did but
when it was time to start the dessert I pulled the child that selected the dessert in to help prepare the cheese cake. The next child in to help prepare the green bean casserole, etc.

Everyone was satisfied with the holiday dinner. Instead of having a dinner that felt like the holidays to me we a dinner that filled the memories and honor of both families with the tastes and smells off a true Thanksgiving.

Washington state

FlyLady here:

This is a beautiful way to build your own Thanksgiving family traditions with blended families. I love that you let each child help prepare his or her favorite dish. What a great treat for them and less burden for you!

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