November Habit #18 One Hour to Bliss

Dear FlyLady,

I have some tips for menu planning that my fellow fly babies may find helpful. I hate menu planning but I also hate ‘what are we having tonight?’ that seems to go on so long that we just order a pizza.

This cut our grocery bill from $250 a week down to around $170.

I cleared a block of time (it took me about an hour to do this) and make a list of several meals.

I categorized them: chicken, beef, pork, pasta, meatless, easy, Mexican. I wrote down every dinner I could think of and spent some time on my favorite recipe site looking for some new dinner recipes. Once I had about 40 recipes I split them up into a 6 week Menu plan. I needed two extra so I added one pizza night and one takeout night.

These are not difficult recipes at all (except for the weekends when we have a bit more time). I even have simple stuff like hot dogs and spaghetti on the menu.

Because the menu is over six weeks, we never tire of any of our recipes
because we only have spaghetti 8 times a year! In the warmer months we play it by ear and barbecue a bit more. In the colder months we use our slow cooker a lot.

It’s easy. It’s just doing it the first time that is time consuming. After that I never have to do it again! ONE HOUR to bliss, fellow FLYers!!

Just do it, I promise you that life will be brilliantly simple!

FlyBaby C


Our November Habit of the Month – Menu Planning will save you so much time, stress and money and is definitely healthier than fast food.

We offer such helpful tools in our FlyShop to help make this habit fun and easy! Our Dinner Diva, Leanne Ely, also offers weekly menus and shopping lists.

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