A Treat For Me

Dear FlyLady,

Several weeks ago I ordered one of the stainless steel water bottles to use as a stocking stuffer for my grand daughter.

Sad to say, she never got it. Of course her “Mimi” HAD to try it out to be sure it was suitable for this special young lady. I filled her stocking with other things because I’ll never give it up!

Soon, I’ll be ordering a bunch of them for each of my grandkids to have for their own, meanwhile, the bottle is MINE!! It is really great to keep my water cold and handy wherever I go, but it’s also great at keeping things HOT! I don’t always sleep well, and find that if I fill it with hot herbal tea at bedtime, a sip or two of the┬ábeautifully hot tea always sends me right back to sleep almost instantly. I just have to be sure that I cool the tea to a drinkable temperature before I go to bed. What a treat!! I also love the idea of having several to keep filled and ready in the fridge! God Bless you all.

Still drying out my new wings,
FlyBaby Sidney

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