November Habit #22 Taking it to the Next Step

Dear FlyLady,

I am so glad this is the habit for November, I have come a long way but am ready to take it to the next level.

The baby steps I have taken so far are:

1. Most important: shiny sink, clean counter, clean dishes, clean kitchen = tools set and ready to cook! No more washing pots so I can cook dinner. I am ready to go!

2. What’s for dinner? I ask myself this question every morning, not at 5 o’clock when the kids are hungry and I am tired and missing some vital ingredient! It is so easy to cook when you know you have the items on hand. I get out my recipe in the morning, get out the ingredients and if I need something I do it in the morning when I am dropping the kids off at school. It’s easy to dash into the grocery for one missing item. The store is also empty at this time of day, so no lineup like at 5 o’clock when everyone else has just realized it is dinner and they do not know what they are making! Dinner is not a surprise!

3. Step back and take notice of all the peace this brings your family from having a regular dependable meal not to mention all the money you are saving.

Now, can I do this a week or several weeks at a time? Not sure but willing to give it a try and I know you will show me how! Can’t wait!

Fluttering in York Region, Canada

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