She’s Almost As Old As Me

It is so fun to get emails from those of you who have made it possible for me to stay in the business of helping SHEs for all these years! My mission statement is to help you get organized just enough to please you. Here’s an email from someone almost as old as I am!


The first time I saw Peggy and you on the original Phil’s show, Phil Donahue, I knew I found someone who could understand me! I loved ya’ll’s humor and still do! Oh and I still have my original index cards! And I continue so many of the numerous techniques you shared. Main one start in one spot in room and work around the room until it’s all done.

Also, I always felt ya’ll were and are a part of my family without our ever meeting and or knowing each other personally. You are in my memories and thoughts so there you go, family! LOL Even to this day I still recommend the card system to those who find other ways not working for them. I recommend your site. Plus I tell them to order and read your books because if nothing else they will make them laugh! Like one story that always comes to mind from one of ya’ll’s books is how you two girls used a top floor window as a toilet! LOL

Anyway, I know this is long. Hmmm That’s normal for me! Haha I just wanted you to know I appreciate your sister and you for all you have done for myself and so many others! Thanks so much.

Peace and Blessings,

Okay, if you must know how we used the second story window as a toilet, it’s in The Happiness File. Of course there’s way more about being organized and happy as it takes you month-by-month using index cards to solve your most pressing problems.

  • Discover peace of mind by eliminating the clutter from your life
  • Use time you never knew you had with daily and monthly schedules that work
  • Explore your subconscious and develop your hidden assets through an unique exercise
  • Watch your happiness grow by remembering the simple things that mean so much
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