No Match For Hairspray Residue

Dear FlyLady,

I had to send in a testimonial about your amazing Purple Rags. I’ve had them for awhile, and used them on and off, but now I will use them for EVERYTHING!!!

See, I HATED cleaning the bathroom floor. My husband is very stylish, and uses hairspray to get his hair to stick up just the way he likes it. This is fine, except that fine, sticky mist of hairspray gets all over my bathroom, especially the floor.

In the past it has taken me close to an hour, and almost an entire roll of paper towels, to get the stickiness off our tiny bathroom floor. When I’m done, I’m never satisfied with it, and my arms are sore. Part way through, I thought of my purple rags. I grabbed one, and was able to get the entire floor cleaned in less than half the time it normally takes me, with all the hairspray gone completely, WITHOUT using any cleanser at all.

Thank you!!! I don’t even think I need paper towels anymore.

Flybaby E in MA


FlyLady Here: We love our purple rags! I don’t go anywhere without mine. I use them on my eye glasses, my bathroom sink and a buggy windshield.

Purple rags clean that sticky hairspray mess in our bathrooms.

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