November Habit #28 So Obvious

Dear FlyLady,

I just did something which on reflection was so obvious but I had not done it til now so I wanted to share it.

My bins get emptied on Thursday so, Thursday is my day for checking the fridge for things to be chucked out. As I was doing it,as usual I was internally grumbling about the height of the highest shelf which as a short person I can’t really use, and often that’s where all the yucky stuff is as a result. So, do you know what I did? I adjusted the height of the shelves so that instead of having the largest section at the bottom and then smaller sections at the top like I thought you were supposed to do (maybe that’s how my parents’ fridge was arranged?) I now have the shorter shelves at the bottom and the taller one at the top where I can reach it. I am hoping this will help me use my leftovers
better and everything else too as I’ll be able to seeing better.

I know it’s not so radical but I thought that seeing as I hadn’t realized it till now it might be a tip which others could benefit from,

Many thanks for all you do and for making my home a much tidier, cleaner
place to be in,

With love,

Simcha in London

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