My Hubby is a Believer

Dear FlyLady,

Our new bedroom furniture was delivered today. In the process of moving the headboard in, the delivery men scraped the wall and left a big paint transfer on the headboard.

The customer service representative told us that the headboard would have to be replaced. While dusting the new things with a purple rag , it hit me that the purple rag might remove the paint. My husband was very skeptical when I told him we should try using a purple rag, but he grabbed it and started working on the area. It took less than a minute! The paint was gone, and the wood was perfect, not even a hint of a blemish. You never would know that it had ever happened!

My hubby is now a believer! I told him that “FlyLady saved the day”! Thank you for your great line of cleaning tools.

A FlyBaby

Purple Rag BOGO

On December 7th, we will be celebrating our 16th anniversary! Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

Today we decided to celebrate with another BOGO! You loved the Rubba Scrubba BOGO! So why not a BOGO on our purple rags!

They are an all time favorite tool for homes all around the world.

Get yours now! Offer expires on December 7th.Purple Rag Bogo email Banner

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