You Truly Deliver

Dear FlyLady,

This is a double testimonial — first, regarding the price. Your Dryer kit was $16.95 for the three items. I was just looking through a catalog of home gadgets and organizing tools and saw the exact same three items being sold separately. They wanted (gasp!) $15.95 for JUST the long vent duct brush! PLUS $19.95 for the skinny vacuum cleaner attachment, PLUS another $12.95 for the vent brush. WOW! Once again, you guys deliver incredible value.

Second, the items themselves. I am very faithful about cleaning out the lint collector EVERY time, but when I went to town with these tools I got an incredible amount of densely packed super-fine lint out of there. It was amazing! No wonder the poor dryer was taking longer and longer to do its job.

Thanks for all the tools (mental and physical) that you provide!

PA Flybaby

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