More Money Will Not Solve Financial Problems

Dear Friends,

When I was 58 years old I was faced with a financial crisis. I was drowning under $26,000 in personal credit card debt. My sister was very ill and had retired and I had counted on us writing another book to bail me out of my financial mess. (I tell the whole story of how I climbed out of debt with a self-proposed set of rules that were aimed at my behavior.)

It took me three years to get out of debt and that’s when I wrote The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt. One big lesson: More money will NOT solve your financial problems. If you can’t manage what you’re making now, if you don’t change behavior you’ll just make bigger problems if you make more money. The GOOD Book is available in paperback, an e-book, Kindle or Nook and as an audio book. If your finances are messed up, the first step is being able to laugh at your childish spending behavior and start climbing to debt freedom one paycheck at a time.

Here’s what one woman wrote to me:

Dear Pam,

I don’t know if you read your emails personally but hopefully you will get this one from me.

I just finished figuring out our taxes and I was shocked at what the figures told. My husband’s income went down $3,000 and yet we were able to save almost $2,500 and cut our debt near in half. The good news was all because of your book.

Before the book we were on a track to more debt and now I feel so superior I think I could go to Washington and help Congress balance our country’s budget. LOL

The book made all our hard decisions fun. I can hardly believe that, but it is true. Our behavior regarding money was very childish. But it’s not hard to grow up when you are shown how to laugh at your behavior and then change it one paycheck at a time, one shopping trip at a time, one adult look at a “desire” verses a “need” at a time.

I’m very thankful I bought the book a year ago and both my husband and I have started working on a plan for the children. We think they are now at ages they can start getting an allowance and learning how to handle money now instead of when they grow up. The children’s section will be most helpful and we’re re-listening to it now.

Thank you again,
Anne G.

I hope if you are experiencing the pain of being in debt that you’ll shine a new and creative light on it with my book.

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