December Habit #1 Pamper Everyday

Dear FlyLady,

I am very good about buying pamper stuff to put in my cabinet and to give to others. This year as I was pulling out some of those items to wrap to give away, I decided to GIVE a few of THEM TO ME INSTEAD! Notably, a Bath and Body works scented wall plug in…I was going to give to my sister. I decided to just PLUG IT IN MY OWN BEDROOM and enjoy the scent of Freesia for myself as I am getting ready for her to come visit! when she comes I can plug it in her bedroom as I know she likes that scent! I have enjoyed it as I am getting ready to bless others . ( this I got last year half price after Christmas. Pampering ourselves we can do on a budget if we shop wisely.)

Another thing I have done over the past 3 years is to take note of things at nice hotels that I love. I pinpointed 3 things. The hair dryer on the wall, the magnifying mirror on the wall , and the nice towels. I purchased these 3 things for my own home…outlet stores and discount stores sell them if you hunt enough. I wash my towels and just rehang them when they dry. I don’t need a stack of them! I only bought the bath towel, I didn’t need a set to feel pampered. I did these things because you taught us to be good to ourselves and FLY! I enjoy them everyday! Also good quality sheets are now quite
affordable. I would rather have one set of good sheets than a linen closet full of scratchy ones. Enough is enough!

Also we bought some fire logs ( also half price at the end of the season in the mark down section of the grocery store) and have decided anytime we want the fun of a fire we can just use them, not save them for company or special events. We also are leaving out the Chinese checkers board all the time and playing a quick game on a regular basis. It is on the end table so its easy to use. ( this mostly also keeps the end table from ever becoming a hotspot! ) On anti-procrastination day I finally spray varnished the board to protect it…my Papa made it years ago and I have meant to give it a protective coating for years! I thank you each time we play!

I put out a pretty tray of different hot chocolates with a platter of mugs, nearly everyday one or a few of us stir up some hot chocolate. No need to wait for company to come to treat the family. There are some diet versions and some rich gourmet ones. My son likes ones with marshmallows. Having a variety makes us feel like we are at a Bed and Breakfast! ”

I had bought some pretty Christmas pillows to give away ( yes at the after Christmas sale! ) They have been in my attic waiting for the right person at the right time. I brought them down to send to my SIL and realized that they perfectly match my new couch! so now my own family is enjoying them …and I know they wouldn’t match her couch very well at all!

My best pamper I did for myself last Christmas. I bought myself a small Christmas tree. It had become a big Longlasting Martyr Moment to get the tree, set it up, and decorate without the help or enthusiasm I wanted from my family. Taking it down was worse. I bought the small tree because I do the work. My DH said “I don’t know if I am ready for a small tree!’…I said, well when you become the person doing all the Christmas Decorating and taking down and putting away, you can get the kind you want to put up and decorate! and take down and put away! I love this tree and it is JUST RIGHT !” it is on a cedar chest so it is still standing tall! I can set it up and decorate it without being frustrated about the help I need and am not getting! It’s my ANTI-MARTYR CHRISTMAS TREE! They like it too!

Thank you FlyLady for making the HOLIDAYS and ALL DAYS so much improved as we make this journey!

We love to FLY!

FlyBaby L.

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