New Use for Our Purple Rags

Dear FlyLady,

My purple rags in a bag came with FlyLady calendar which is one of my Christmas presents to me this year! Me and my DD (21) were making mince pies together and she was struggling to get the lid off the jar of mincemeat. Tried using a tea towel – no joy.

Tried my new purple rag (lovely shiny cloth) a little damp with water and easy off! It gripped the lid so well I’ll be using it from now on to get those hard to unscrew lids off jars. Thanks for the lovely cloths, I’m blessing my DS whose just moved house with one.

Elly, fluttering along in UK

On December 7th, we will be celebrating our 16th anniversary! Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

Today we decided to celebrate with another BOGO! You loved the Rubba Scrubba BOGO! So why not a BOGO on our purple rags!

They are an all time favorite tool for homes all around the world.

Get yours now! Offer expires on December 7th.   
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