I Know It Will Be SuperFLY

  Dear FlyLady,

I just ordered a water bottle & have high hopes that it will have the same excellent standards of your other products.  I’ve got the Rubba Scrubba, Dryer Cleaner Kit, the most fabulous-wonderful-unusual-amazing purple rags and feel sure the water bottle will be super-fly!

There are several reasons I ordered your water bottle:

*  The testimonials are quite convincing even though I’ve been reading them for years.
*  I need a bottle that will keep my water cold when the temp. in the car is over 100.
*  Ice cubes should easily fit through the opening.
*  Your other products are extremely well made so this should be just as excellent.
*  I wouldn’t hesitate to spend money on plastic water bottles and know I’ll save money and room in the trash.
*  It’s dishwasher safe.
*  The top will keep grass clippings out of the bottle when I’m cutting grass.
*  My purple rags save me so much money NOT using cleaning products that I can afford to spend a little more on your excellently made products.

I’ll let you know how it works out in a few days but like I said….. I know it’ll be super-fly!

FlyBaby Jeannette in Va.

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