Price Slashed On Pam’s Latest Book


Are you having fun yet? The holidays are in full swing, with full parking lots at the mall, frazzled shoppers pushing and shoving on a mad search for just the right gift, and your favorite stores suddenly running out of the only size in the world you want, but that’s life! Stay calm and breathe.

I can at least help with one fun idea for a gift. I’ve drastically reduced the price of my latest and brand new book for kids of all ages, Lettuce Bee Silly. Now you can purchase Lettuce Bee Silly for just $7.90. I’ll even cut the shipping by $3.00. You save more than five dollars!

If you purchase the Grandma’s Special, you get four books for the price of three and I’ve slashed the price of that from $29.73 down to $23.70. You’ll save more than six dollars.

I don’t want to sound like a Ginsu knife salesman at the fair, but when you purchase Lettuce Bee Silly either as a single book or the Grandma’s Special, I’ll give you a delightful video I created. It’s the story of a $10.00 bill and what happens to it as it gets circulated. The video is called The Adventures of Alexander.  At the end of the video it tells the child to look in the kitchen on a plate for his/her very own $10 bill so you’ll have to remember to have that ready before the child watches the video. The video sells for $9.95 but it’s free with your purchase of Lettuce Bee Silly (I wish I could throw in the $10, but my accountant said no.)

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