FLYing is Catching On

Dear FlyLady,

I cannot tell you thank you enough for everything that you have done for me and my family. I am writing you about me telling my DH about a testimonial that I read and it made him do something without me nagging. I could not believe my own eyes, I was so shocked. I am talking about the testimonial from the lady who thought her fridge was dying and it wasn’t. She said that her DH kicked the fridge plate off the bottom of the fridge and she seen how much dust was under there.  She said she used the FlyLady Dryer hose to clean it and it started working so much better. Well my DH used our own vacuum hose, the Dryer hose and Air Spray and it looks so much better. Well we wrote it on our calendar to do it once every 6 months.

Also thank you for teaching me about Zone Cleaning and sending out the
Mission for the day, it is a GREAT thing.

I have only recently started FLYing and I LOVE it! I have already made my own Control Journal and I use it EVERYDAY. I also LOVE my Duster, Timer, 7 Days a Week Dish Towels, FlyLady Car Duster and FlyLady’s Dryer Cleaner Kit.

We have used the Car Duster on our leather couch, thanks to a testimonial. I use my timer for cleaning, Room Rescues, play time, homework and more. The 7 Days a Week Dish Towels are not just nice for my kitchen, they are also GREAT for my DD and DS to learn the days of the weeks and how to spell them. I didn’t even think of that, my DD did. 🙂

Oh BTW – I LOVE DECLUTTERING, I feel so much better about our house
and my life. I have gotten so much more out of decluttering then making myself feel good, I got $$$.$$. I have gotten over $100 in credit at a Kid to Kid Consignment Store for ‘selling’ them my DD and DS’s clothes and toys. I have also gotten almost $300.00 in credit at the local used book store for taken 6 paper bags FULL of books out of our house. Two of those bags was cookbooks, we only kept 2 cookbooks – cause we get most of our recipes from the Internet. The other 4 bags was kids books that my children no longer wanted or needed.



P.S. I do have one problem and it is still my Hot Spots, they seem to be so hard to put out! I told my DH what piles of papers lying around the house was called and he used it in a sentence, when he was talking about someone else. Another way that he SHOCKED me! 😮

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