December Habit #12 Actions Speak Louder than Words

Dear FlyLady,

Many thanks for all you do.

I was just reading your morning musing about
actions speaking louder than words.  I have come to realize lately that when I do housework that is actually a way of both loving and pampering myself. (No, I haven’t fallen on my head or gone nuts.)

*I* like the house tidy and smelling nice. *I* like the kitchen clean and neat. *I* like the bedrooms to be welcoming, the bathroom fresh. Over the last couple months when I have to clean the kitchen after a meal or whatever and feel resentful and want the good fairy to do the job for me and I start the “Why am I the one who has to do this?” thinking I realize that I’m really doing it for ME.

I am so much happier when I’ve done it.

My inner princess feels good when our home is nice and clean.She is all safe and happy and comfortable. What can be better than that?

It’s okay to tell myself that it’s for all of us, that I’m the one home all day etc but it doesn’t always help much. Admitting it’s for me feels good and makes me want to do just that little bit extra.

My personal value is no longer based on what I do or how I do it, I just like how it feels when things are nicer.

Thank you for the gift of loving myself enough to finally realize that I do show love to myself in many ways that I was unaware of before.

a UK Flybaby

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