Help Me with My New Mop

Dear FlyLady,
I have been anxiously awaiting my order, especially for the mop as I have a white German Shepard who sheds all over the house and I’m going broke buying Swiffer pads.

My order arrived just this morning and I hurriedly opened the box to pull out my 16 oz water bottle, my new calendar and … my mop.  I have tried and tried and tried to connect the handle to the base, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to screw it into.  The base can only screw into that one piece that was originally connected and when I tried it without that piece, there again was nothing to screw it into.

Please, tell me what I’m doing wrong or, do I need to send those pieces back for an exchange.  I’ve already waiting over two weeks, I guess I can wait two more.


Dear Shirley,

We automatically assume when we see the screw threads that the handle secures to the base that way. The screw is made for the handle to attach to the rubba sweepa. I wanted the handles to be interchangeable.

You are not the first person who has had this problem. This is why we got Jack to explain this to us in a video. The connection on the mop is called a compression fitting. It really does hold the mop head securely.

Mop Handle How To Video

Making the mop handle interchangeable with the sweepa head; saves you money. We put together an Essential Cleaning Tools Package that includes our Mop. Check it out. $116.12 Sold separately $89.95 Package price +shipping

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