Holiday Gift-Giving Doesn’t Have To Cause Stress

hunter money treeHere’s a fun email from the past.

To the makers of Stick it Right on the Money,

For 22 years I was a high school math teacher. I love math and figures. My daughter says I am a BO (Born Organized). I was offended until she explained what that is. Now I am proud. She has been trying to get me to back off a little and enjoy life more. She gave me the Stick It Right on the Money kit as a gift and that’s how I got your email addy.

I estimated last year it took me about forty minutes to get to the mall to do Christmas shopping. I know it took about ten minutes to find a parking place. It took about four hours to find the gifts for the people on my list, work my way up to the registers, pay and get out of the mall. Then it took forty minutes to get back home. If my math is correct that is about five and half hours.

Then it took me about another hour to wrap the presents and another half hour to get them ready to mail. All the time I was hoping I was getting presents my grandchildren wanted. And I’ve never been very good at getting what my adult children and their spouses want. I really don’t know their tastes in music, clothes or computer stuff.

I have been thinking about all of this since last Christmas. In August I decided to get out those stickers my daughter gave me. Last Friday I went to the bank and got the money I decided to give to each person and then got out the Christmas cards I bought last year at half price. Going to the bank to get the bills and coming home took ten minutes.

I sat down with the stickers and the money and started “playing.” In about thirty minutes I had all nine presents finished. I imagined the laughter when each one opened the card and found the money hidden under the disguises.

Then for three hours I watched a movie I’d ordered as I sipped hot tea, wrapped up in my favorite blanket. No more hassles, no more stress, no more doubting if I have sent what people want.


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