December Habit #18 Make Everything Beautiful

Dear FlyLady,

I have enjoyed everything I’ve done today. I did some crisis cleaning type rotation yesterday to keep me on track for keeping my “almost grand- daughters” this weekend. During my breaks, I did all the steps for a REALLY good manicure.

So today I have soft hands, groomed cuticles, nails all the same length and the brightest Christmas red! I’ve worked more gently too because I don’t want to ruin my nails. I smiled while I wrapped packages because my nails were so pretty.

And I never knew until this year how much fun it would be to add packages one or two at a time and see the pile grow. This is also the first year that I had enough room in the sewing/craft room to designate an area for wrapping. I got a zippered bag last year on close out for wrapping supplies, gathered and checked all my supplies as part of our cruising through the holidays. It’s SO EASY this year.

I have even given Christmas “stuff” away and taken some to goodwill. If it doesn’t make me smile, it’s out of here! I bought pretty turquoise/aqua and silver decorations for the tree and matching paper and ribbon. It’ is BEAUTIFUL!

FlyBaby B

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