December Habit #19 Sticking to my Healthy Choices

Dear FlyLady,

This will be my fourth December with you and I am so looking forward to the Pampering Habit.

That is quite a change from my first December when I literally thought I was reading a misprint or mistake as you told us to focus on ourselves at the most hectic time of year! My feet and hands have never returned to the painful, cracked state they were in 4 years ago.

But what I’m so excited about is that this December my Pampering Habit is to stick to my healthy choices.

Three weeks ago I started a whole different way of eating which definitely doesn’t include Holiday treats! My usual pattern is to gain 5-10 lbs (on top of the extra 20 that I always battle) between Halloween and New Years and start the year off uncomfortable, sluggish and sad. Then it takes most of the year to get those 10 lbs off, and I start the cycle all over again. But as of today I have LOST 6 lbs and feel better already! I have proven to myself that I can be social and relaxed and stick to my plan. I bring a “legal” appetizer with me to parties and budget 2 glasses of wine per week.

No one notices or cares that I am not stuffing my face and I’m still fun, who knew?

On Thanksgiving I was the only one who didn’t overeat and I felt so much more comfortable than years past. It all feels like Pampering, NOT deprivation, because I am taking myself seriously, thinking ahead and making loving choices that support me feeling better overall and in the long run. I don’t fuss or talk about my decisions except privately with one girlfriend who is doing the same thing.

All of this is possible because of Flywashing, and it’s taken 4 years! But I had to write to thank you for turning my mind around, I NEVER would have thought to do anything for myself this time of year! My kids and husband thank you too, for helping the Momma to be happier and more relaxed all season long!

FlyBaby B

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