Merry Christmas From The House Fairy

Merry Christmas from Fairyland! Here’s an email I got from a mom who is having so much fun with the House Fairy.

Dear House Fairy,

Because of you there is so much happy excitement in our home these days. My husband and I have been taking turns with “playing your part” and we both have Christmas Eve fun when it’s our turn. To any parents who don’t know what I mean, just think about that fun feeling (aside from assembling doll houses and bicycles) of having surprises for your kids and imagining them waking up to the joys of Christmas morning. That’s the feeling only on a mini scale.

The other night we were out on our date night and we took the umbrellas stuck in our drinks and got the same idea at the same time! The next morning the girls woke up to notes, stuck through with the umbrella stems and stuck into shiny apples on their bedside stands. The notes praised them for their neat room, no toys or books left out and how good they were about going to bed for the babysitter. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Thank you for coming up with this wonderful program. The girls love you and so do we.


Official News from Fairyland! The House Fairy has teamed up with Santa Claus to bring you a special price for the Super Snuggle Bunny Combo Program.

We’re celebrating all over Fairyland, and we thought we should spread the celebration to you all in real world. See how you can save $5 off the Super Snuggle Bunny Combo program!

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