Perfect For Me

  Dear FlyLady,

 Everyone writes that “my house still isn’t perfect, but my sinks are shining“. . . I do not think that way. I think that what I have done is perfect for the moment. It may not be perfect in the eyes of others or maybe in “what I think the others might think”, but for me “IT IS PERFECT.”
I started thinking positive and things got done. Just like you suggest, take just 15 minutes and things get done. It is so surprising to find out the the things we have dreaded for years really only take a few minutes.
Example is when I was a young housewife, it bothered me to have to cook and then do the dishes afterwards with no help from the husband. He never expected to help in the kitchen because his mother did it all. Finally, I timed myself after dinner and found it only took 10 minutes to clear the table, rinse the dishes, and stack them in the dishwasher. Why was I stewing about not having help when it only took my 10 minutes to clean up? (This was before I knew to include shining the sink.) Now, I shine the sink just for me as a gift to myself and take pride in that I do it myself.   (He does help out every once in awhile.)
So do not think anyone ever gets their house in PERFECT order, otherwise you are not living in your home.  We can not live in a home that looks like a magazine advertisement. We must stop worrying about what others standards are for Perfect. Do what you can to keep your house tidy and know it is “Perfect for you.”  Live your life and love yourself as FlyLady always says.
Thanks for all your great advice. Keep it coming.
Virginia in Florida


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