Accidental Drainage

Dear FlyLady,

Last week I got my Clog Cannon in the mail. I quickly unpacked it, put it together before watching the video, pumped it a few times and popped it into my sluggish bathroom sink drain, flying by the seat of my happy pants.

THEN I watched the video and realized I’d done it all wrong. Oh, well. I would try again later.

Next time I turned on the water to brush my teeth I noticed it wasn’t backing up as usual. It must have been a fluke that it drained. But no. . . it’s remained clear and free.

My Clog Cannon worked even though I used it improperly. I wonder what it will do next time, when I put it together and use it right??

Many thanks for all your excellent products that often compensate for my slap-dash use of them.

TX flybaby

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