Deep Shower Water Isn’t Fun

Dear FlyLady,

I know, I know, yet another testimonial about another amazing FlyShop product. I can’t help myself! I just have to tell you how incredible the Clog Cannon is!

I have been trying to clear the drain in my tub for the past six months. Smelly drain cleaners (which I hated to use) would help a little bit; for a week or so things would drain just a little faster. Then the whole darn thing would back up again. I became accustomed to showering in 2 inches of water, then 3, then above the ankle, then, sigh…. I wish I could have saved all the money I spent on plungers, strainers for the drain, eco-friendly enzymes, and, in desperation, those nasty liquid chemicals. I really didn’t want to call a plumber ($$$). I read the testimonials about the Clog Cannon. It seemed kind of silly. Maybe I should try it.

After a particularly deep-water shower, I went to the FlyShop, but I was skeptical. That clog cannon looks like a toy. Do I really need to spend that much money on a clog toy? It will never work. Hmmmm… Has FlyLady ever steered me wrong before? Never! Why would she sell this if it didn’t work just as advertised? I was still on the computer when DH shouted out from his own time in the clogged-up shower, “Buy it!” Two clicks later, and I had purchased the silly looking thing.

The Clog Cannon arrived a few days later. I fiddled with it before my morning shower, and tried it with a dry drain. Not much happened. I took my usual time showering, and by the time I got out of the tub, the water was deep enough to take a bath in. What the heck? Got the clog cannon out and tried one more time. I pulled the trigger on the cannon (btw, it’s really fun to use), and there was this fantastic sucking sound. The clog was instantly cleared, and that tub drained with some serious force. I have NEVER seen it drain so fast. At the very end, the drain even let out a satisfied “burp” noise. A week later, and the drain is still running clear. I love this thing! I’ve told all my friends, and I will never again doubt a product from the FlyShop. If you have a slow drain, give this clog toy a try. It’s fun to use, and it really works!!!

A cleaner, happier, less skeptical FlyBaby.

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