Protecting Our Home

Dear FlyLady and her Peeps,

This past summer we gave our 130 year old house a face lift. After our beautiful red house was complete I noticed lint collecting around the vent for our dryer, oh what a mess. I had ordered the FlyLady Dryer Lint Kit a month or so before and had not used it. So I got out my kit, it worked like a charm. I was amazed at what was pulled out of the dryer and from the duct work. I have heard stories of singed lint, well mine was not singed but it was molded in the shape of the duct.

After, my dryer worked wonderfully and I felt relieved that my dryer was clear of lint and much safer. I believe in this product so much that we gave them to our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins this past Christmas (8 in all). Everyone thought it was a wonderful gift.

Thank you for providing such wonderful products that can benefit me, my family and the ones I love.

Flitting in Mi.

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