Command Central Keeps Us FLYing

Dear FlyLady,

I have been a FlyBaby for years now, just plugging away trying to get things in workable order for our large homeschooling family (11 DC – 7 mos to 19 yrs).

In the beginning, I fought wearing laced-up shoes; I liked to be barefoot, but when I finally got new lace-up shoes with good support, I LOVED wearing them more than being barefoot, except at the beach! And that’s when things really started to change for me.

Our sink is now almost always shining, with teens staying up later than me I find a few cups or dishes in the sink in the AM. This used to irritate me to no end, but then I realized my teens are safe at home probably enjoying a game or movie together, while I am happily snoozing with our newest addition, not out until all hours in our unsafe community of late.

So now I happily unload the dishwasher and load the few items in while I start breakfast for my dear family. One other problem has always been whose day is it to use the washer/dryer or help cooking, setting, clearing, etc – with this large crew many hands make light the work. With our new command central everyone can see when the washer is free for them and when they are expected to lighten the load.

Recently I have read all the calendar testimonies and been very jealous. Although I love the calendar and put items on it, I rarely checked it routinely because of its location. I moved it several times trying to find a better place, but still to no avail. Well, 2 weeks ago I realized that when I come down the stairs in the AM, there is a large blank wall I stare at wondering what to put there – lately our toddler has been adorning it with crayons, pencils, and pens – which was really upsetting DH.

I decided that was the best place for our command central and began hunting for a large cork board to place there so I could also hang our school maps – our walls are plaster and DH frowns on multiple wholes in the walls.. I searched for 10 days and found nothing to accommodate all we needed at command central for our large family. What to do.

In pre-FLY days I would have sat and cried the poor me song, but with all the visible clutter gone – we still have some items in our attic that need dealing with – I sat down and brain-stormed. Within minutes I had found my solution. I ran out before the predicted rain to scavenge the local appliance store dumpster for large cardboard boxes, then the craft store for spray adhesive; I already had the over sized, easily-seen pins, and a piece of fabric which I loved, but to date had been stashed away awaiting such a purpose. I took my cardboard and adhesive home; cut two pieces to size for rigidity then adhered the cardboard and fabric…and VOILA, command central. It dried overnight and DH hung it before he went to work.

This never would have happened pre-FlyLady days – too much clutter for the mind to rest. So I must thank you profusely for all you do for us FlyBabies daily, and bless you for all the struggles which made you our FlyLady, bless you and thank you. It is getting late, and although I could go on and on as to how much you have helped me and my family, I am going to turn in and snuggle with my DH and 7 mos. DD until we all drift happily off to sleep; tomorrow we be here with more challenges and rewards and I want to be rested and ready.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marla. God bless you and all you good works!
Good night,

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