December Habit #30 I Wasn’t Sure if I had Time

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been fluttering along with FlyLady for a while, but I’d always burn out because I was trying to do everything at once.  So, when December started, I decided to just do the Habit of the Month.  It was hard at first and I wasn’t sure if I “had the time.”  But I started with just some small things – painting my toenails a pretty color even if I’m the only one that sees them this time of year, fixing a cup of hot chocolate, burning my Christmas scented candles “just because.” Somewhere along the way I realized something. I’m worth it. I.  Am.  WORTH. It.

I’m worth having nice clothes and feeling beautiful.  I’m worth the better brand of makeup since I can afford it.  I’m worth the burning candles nightly because I love the scents.  I’m worth the effort it takes to declutter and rid my present and future of past heartache. I’m worth the work it take to have great grades at college, because I am smart.  I don’t have to sell myself short anymore.  I can exceed my own expectation!  I’m worth the healthy meals and fruit for snacks.  I’m worth the little extra spending if it puts a genuine smile on my face. I’m worth the rest when I’m tired, a random nap in the afternoon, or a hot shower when it’s cold outside.  I’m worth the exercise to get my body into shape.  I’m worth the “just do it now.”

I’m worth letting go of perfection and just LIVING!.  I’m worth it because ME is how GOD MADE me.

After almost seven years of struggling with body image, self esteem, depression, it only took 15 days pampering myself with FlyLady to realize the amount of worth I have.  And you know what?  I’m priceless.

Thank you for all you do,
Finally Loving Myself

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