The Gift of a Loving Peaceful Home

Dearest FlyLady and Crew,

I am filled with joy and gratitude on a daily basis, and I have to give you all credit for a large part of that. I am constantly amazed at how productive I have become. Friends comment on how calm I always am. DH tells guests how I make it all look so easy… I am truly blessed.

You have shown me that I can have peace in a home that welcomes me, my family and guests. I’m still “back door flying”. I don’t have all the routines down & I don’t dress to shoes right away. Our home isn’t perfect, but it’s clean (enough) and welcoming to any & all who drop in. We’ve had dinner guests every day this week, but I haven’t been stressed one bit. Just this morning, while getting ready for work (I’m a full time payroll SHE), I marveled at all that I had accomplished before I had my first cup of coffee. Reboot laundry & dishwasher, breakfast for family & pets, swish & swipe, bed made, kitchen swept & supper started in the crockpot. All with a smile on my face and in my heart. What a switch from CHAOS, resentment, yelling & martyrdom!

We go through more than one dish towel in the kitchen each day, so I use your day of the week towels in the bathroom. My family loves them! We love all of your products- water bottles, control journals, laundry sorter, calendar, mop, rubba scrubba- sweepa- dish brushes… all top notch. No¬† more running out of clean clothes to wear or wondering what’s for dinner. We’re never more than a few minutes from company ready. The kids & DH always pitch in. We’re a team now, because you’ve shown me that it’s okay to ask for help & my way isn’t the only way. An unexpected change of plans or surprise visitor is taken in stride now- no cause for panic. If I’m under the weather & my routines slip for a day or two, I know I can get it all back on track by just jumping in.

Y’all have given us the gift of a loving and peaceful home. Your gentle encouragement & constant love are a blessing to all, and words are not sufficient to express my gratitude. Thank you for showing me that I’m not alone. Thank you for showing me a better way. Thank you for all that you do.

Flying high in the Deep South

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