Retired Single Lady

Well, FlyLady,

I’ve started. Today, I got up, showered, dressed, including shoes, and so far I have shined my two sinks. As the sinks were soaking, I cleaned off a hot spot (my back porch), and I have a sense of accomplishment.

I am not a youngster; in fact I’m 77 years old and I’ve fought clutter all my life. The interior of my home is not full of things that are not picked up; but my closets are so full of things in plastic cartons, I can’t find anything. I have a new acronym for you. RSL – (retired single lady).

It is so hard when you are alone, and you are retired and don’t have many appointments, to get started. (You think you always have tomorrow.) But we don’t know how long we have and I don’t like feeling depressed about my house. I think the worst thing I have is the “keep it mentality”. And so, I am going to purge my house. Now, I’ve done it before, but because I haven’t followed your tip of taking something out whenever you bring something in, I still have things I don’t use and they clutter up my life.

So here goes….I’m flying!
FlyBaby H.

FlyLady here: Can’t you just hear Beyonce singing! Retired Single Lady! I am so proud of you for jumping in!

Do you need someone to help hold you accountable? Back in the spring my nephew came up with a great idea for FlyBabies who need someone to guide them. His research showed that many FlyBabies thought they were not FLYing right. He has spent the last nine months building Check it out. There is a great team of FlyLady Mentors who will keep you accountable. They are an amazing bunch of women. I am so proud of them!

Don’t worry! Our messages will always be FREE. Just in case you thought you were not FLYing the right way. The only way to not FLY right is to do nothing. This is your perfectionism holding you back!

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