December Habit #31 Everything I do is Pampering

Dear FlyLady,

At first I pooh poohed pampering, but then I realized everything I do is  pampering because as the Airlines tell you it is the key to FLYing… They tell you before every flight…Place the oxygen mask on yourself first  before you help someone else, because you can’t help someone else if you  don’t take care of yourself.

So I am going to try for the FLYLADY Eleven…

1. Go to bed early enough to get plenty of SLEEP, sleep in on the weekends.

2. EAT right everyday, meaning 3 meals a day, healthy snacks…I love my green smoothies in the morning to start the day, all of us could eat more fruits and vegtables.

3.  LOVING MOVEMENT- exercise every day is a great way to pamper yourself. The quiet reflection I find walking around the block is awesome.

4. PETS- our furry friends are a great way to pamper ourselves. My big furry Golden/Collie keeps me safe as I walk or run. My cats are a great source of entertainment and solace.

5. SPIRITUAL- take care of yourself however your spiritual discipline requires…I do daily prayer and meditation and go to church on Sunday, it gives me great joy.

6. MENTAL- Pamper yourself by reading or studying something challenging…maybe learning a new skill, this year I am studying Permaculture…a way of taking care of the planet

7. MEDICAL- make appointments for physicals and dental appointments. Physicals in the United States are now free, as well as Mammograms so I need to take care of myself and make the appointment

8. SERVICE..Every week I pamper myself by giving service…I work at the local food bank, I pick up trash in my neighborhood

9. FUN…I once thought a piano was clutter in my house, but then I decided to take piano lessons, and I’m not very good but I practice most days and I have Fun.

10. More FUN. Today we are going to see the Nutcracker Ballet…We got half price tickets.

11. And more FUN…When I am feeling unmotivated I read FLYLADY emails and  I am always uplifted and usually laugh at least once

Thank you for reminding us to Pamper ourselves by FLYING (Finally Loving Yourself)

FlyBaby K

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