Freshening Up Routines Part One

We are welcoming in 2016, we’re more than half way through the 2015/16 school year, and we all need to get back on track with our routines.  Remember that strong morning, evening, and homework routines make home life a breeze instead of a nightmare!

Let’s start with the morning routine:

1. Has the morning rush become your problem instead of a shared family responsibility?  Stop yelling, stop doing everything for everyone, and let every family member do their assigned tasks – for better or for worse!  Use natural consequences to reinforce self-sufficiency.
2. Are you getting up on time?  Everything goes smoother if you get up, get showered, get dressed, and eat before the tornado of children hits the house.  Remember to eat a healthy breakfast!
3. Are the kids getting up on time?  Do they have alarm clocks so they can learn to be responsible for getting up on their own?    If the kids aren’t getting up when they need to, it might be time to reassess bedtimes!  Tell them that.
4. Is the family using media in the morning?  Nothing slows down the morning routine like the TV and the computer.  Reinstate the family rule: No media in the morning.
5. If the bathroom schedule is out of kilter, get the family together and set up who can be in the bathroom when.  It’s like a dance – everyone has to do their part and stay in time, or the whole thing falls to pieces.
6. Is everyone getting something healthy to eat for breakfast?  There’s nothing wrong with a bowl of Cheerios, or even a granola bar and an apple in the car.
7. Up and out – busy but relaxed – positive and friendly.  What a way to start the day!
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