Too Much is Too Much

Too much is too much and we all know it, but often that knowing, comes after the fact. If we eat too much, we’re miserable. If we spend too much, we’re miserable. If we stay up too late, we’re miserable. Whatever we do in excess equals misery. But clutter is gradual like fat. It sneaks up on us and its creates its own kind of misery.

One of the worst things about clutter is that it’s distracting and for SHEs it’s the main cause of disorganization. This link is to a Downton Abbey-type home where the first two floors are filled with stuff and have been rendered uninhabitable. When you look at all the photos of the stuff, you’ll see that no matter what the value of the stuff is, too much is too much.

Here’s an email from a woman who won one of our Project CHAOS contests.

Dear Pam and Peggy,
Thank you so much for including me as a runner up. Joining you two with the winner of the contest, I had hoped to win and have you come to my house, but while at Tania’s house it dawned on me that her mess was the same as mine. I had way more stuff than she did but I had about 30 years on her so 30 years more accumulation. I am 78 and the stuff sort of collected like the pounds on my hips. I went home after spending the day with you all and spent the next five months dejunking my home!! All the time I had my children in my mind, knowing when I croak, none of my stuff will mean anymore to them than a stack of magazines about technical engineering means to me now. Even though I primarily did this to spare them (three daughters) the reward for me has been peace. It’s so easy to keep house and be organized now. And to think, I could have been organized years ago. Oh well, live and learn. I’m organized now and that’s all that matters.
Thank you.
Jean N.

If you clicked on the link and looked at the photos, I hope you’ll get the urge to look at your own stuff with new eyes.

This is a great time to dejunk! Get the Dejunking Video for a step-by-step guide to dejunking (plus you’ll get the 3×5 get organized card file system that has helped millions over the years. Get going…before you croak and leave your mess to your loved ones. Or if you’re young and your babies are home this is the perfect time to teach your children when enough is enough. It’s something we all have to learn.  


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