I Found the Help I Needed

Dear FlyLady,

I have been starting and stopping FlyLady for a long time. I needed more than the emails to help guide me to be consistent and get out of chaos. When the opportunity arose late this summer to try this new FlyLady Premium, I checked it out and the thought of having a mentor and the videos plus everything else seemed to be exactly what I needed.I signed up and my life/home/and family (and even work!!)  are coming out of chaos.  My mentor Karen has helped so much.  Her guidance, advice, ideas, and pep talks really help me be consistent and positive through it all.  I have got some great insight and refocused my view on maintaining my home.  The little nuggets she has given me are my anchors.

The little spaces that were cleared and prettied are a constant reminder that I can do this. The best thing is that I am not throwing in the towel anymore when a little chaos creeps in, because hey life happens, holidays happen, events happen.  Just hit the hotspots in 5 to 15 minute increments and it is all going to be fine again!

I also used to fight with the flow of my house and didn’t fully appreciate the effectiveness of having a launch pad that works for my family.  I get it now and the natural launching pad, which happens to be near the front door and the entry to my living room, is no longer a “it shouldn’t be here” and is now “how can I manage this best? Ah! Hotspot drill!”

Recently with the wider launch of FlyLady Premium, the interactions on the FB page are firing me up even more.  We are all in this together. I love seeing the pictures, reading people open up about their struggles, and seeing the camaraderie between us.  I am very grateful to have FlyLady Premium and my mentor in my life!


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