Get Organized Just Enough To Please You


I have to thank you for writing The Joy of Being Disorganized. I’m 43 and I went through a terrible divorce. I’ve been in therapy for several years and after reading your new book I have to ask you if you are a counselor or a minister? The wisdom and sound advice throughout the pages have caused a shift in my soul. Those are the only words I can think of and that doesn’t really say what’s in my heart.

The book is hilarious! I laughed and cried, underlined and took notes in the margins. I love using it as a motivational tool for my very busy and chaotic life. I know if I pick it up and randomly go to a page I’ll find your words to be encouraging and uplifting.

Because of you I am beginning to appreciate the unique person I am and how perfectly I fit into this world in this time. My counselor even said I’ve made incredible progress in the last year and you get some of that credit. I love who I am and I let myself know it more on a regular basis.

Diana Y

Pam here: I’m not a minister and I don’t have a psychology degree, but I love inspired writers and I think and pray a lot. The Joy of Being Disorganized was such a joy to write. My editor Rachel Vidoni, who is about the same age as Diana, was instrumental in encouraging me to keep writing that book. I wanted it to help women in the prime of their lives to not miss the joy in that incredible time. No matter what our age, we all want peace and we want to be happy, but especially during the hectic child-rearing time it’s so important to enjoy yourself and be easy on your expectations of yourself and your family. Get organized enough to please you.

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