January Habit #17 Every Little Bit Counts

Dear FlyLady,

I have been getting your emails for about 4 or 5 years now. I did unsubscribe for a while there because I wasn’t watching my emails and doing them as they came so I would save them up thinking I would do them all later but I never did. Of course I didn’t because my perfectionism was taking over AGAIN. I resigned up about 3 weeks ago and have been flying since. I don’t let my emails stack up. When I’m home I check my emails and do one at a time then delete it.

I have also been have a clean and empty sink every morning. I clean everything the night before instead of waiting til I needed it. I hated to cook because I had to wash the dishes I needed to be able to and I had no room on my counters since I have loved cooking again. We are spending less money because we are not eating out a lot. Actually we haven’t eaten out since. It’s not that I didn’t have groceries because I always have. It was just that it was to much work to cook. Now when I say we have saved money I mean for our family of 7 and 8 when when have my stepdaughter we were spending 40+ dollars a night for fast food. But that’s okay every once in a while but not when your eating out several nights a week(up to 6) that is so expensive. Then we were eating oven pizza or nuggets the other nights.

We are now eating healthier and cheaper. So thank you for helping me do that for myself and my family.

I was always hating to wash dishes because it took so long but really it doesn’t when your doing it before the food sits. What used to an hour to scrub what I needed is now only taking me 10 minutes. Yes, I timed it. I enjoy the fact thy my counters are clean and my sink is empty and clean.

I also stopped trying to be a perfectionist all the time. I let the kids do the dishes. Its not hard now because there’s no food stuck on so it comes off easy. And we don’t have a dish washer. I let them wash the truck. They don’t always get every stop but they like to do it so I decided I would help them with this life lesson. Cleaning is something you do even if you don’t like it so when they ask I just let them. It doesn’t have to be perfect or the way I would do it as long as I’m teaching them to do what needs to be done. You know I was always upset that my husband and kids wouldn’t help me clean but now they are asking me if they can help. I don’t redo what they did and I don’t harp on the on how to do it right. They no if it’s clean or not. And to my surprise I gained a crew to help me clean and keep the house clean. I don’t stress as much and I am not so frustrated at my family for not helping.

I am now happier and in just 3 weeks my house has come so far. As well as my family and myself. I’m not always upset and yelling at everyone. They are now cleaning 15 minutes a day with me most every day.

And the kids are still working on getting there room clean but I can see the floor again and they spend 15 minutes a day this last week in it. And still want to help me and ask what else they can do. So I look around and give them little jobs to do. Like take out trash take down Christmas decorations and clean the microwave.


Texan flybaby

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