January Habit #20 Don’t Skate Past Your Shiny Sink

Dear FlyLady:

I have been on your list for 5 years now and shined my sink 2 days ago for the FIRST time!! It’s true. You see long before I had heard of FlyLady, the thought of dirty dishes and yucky water in my sink had always been gross. So when I joined, keeping my sink clean and shined didn’t make much sense to me. Why bother? My sink IS clean I thought. What difference could doing all the steps to clean and shine sink really make?

Well I’ve borrow your book from the library over the holidays. I do enjoy the e-mails etc. But I’m an old fashioned girl who needs a book in her hands from time to time. I borrow it a couple of times a year as a refresher course. But I always skip the shiny sink part.

Well, this time I figured why not at least give it a shot. Oh my goodness!!! The difference between a clean sink and a FlyLady shiny sink is amazing! I really don’t want anything in my sink now. Not even droplets of water after I’m finished using the sink. I am actually drying my sink after each use. Unbelievable.

Thank you for your system. I have been slowly getting the clutter gone from my life. Passing it on to others who have a need. But this sink thing has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what my home can be.

A Million Thank Yous

Cleaning her sink in Toronto, Canada

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