January Habit #24 Wash Your China While Speaking Chinese

Dear FlyLady,

Doing the dishes has always been a chore I disliked.

You have to start over all the time! However, this is a task that only requires your hands, not your brain. You still can use your mouth and ears.

What about using that time to learn a new language? I had tapes to learn Chinese I never listened to. I started playing the tapes and repeat the sentences while doing the dishes. It’s fun to wash your china while speaking Chinese.

Another trick I found was to use rubber gloves.

My mother’s dish water was so hot it burnt the hands (you could have brewed coffee in it!). Then, there were all these food pieces I called “boats” floating around which disgusted me. Then, my hands would crack and hurt when they stayed too long in the soapy water. The solution to all this was simple: buy rubber gloves! They protect the hands from hot temperatures and soapy water and prevent you from touching the… urrrrgggk… little boats… I used to have rubber duckies to play in my bath, now I have rubber gloves to play in my sink!

Thanks for motivating me everyday to shine my sink!

Fly”disheswasher” from Montreal

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