Blessing My Bathroom


Dear FlyLady,

I’m a new FlyBaby and barely fluttering. I have my morning routine down, and I’m working on the bedtime routine. Already my family has been blessed, and my husband is ecstatic with the clean dishes and sink! For months, my upstairs toilet has not worked. Each time the kids use it, it overflows. We’ve snaked it and blown it out several times. Finally last month, we called a plumber to professionally snake it. The plumber told us that we needed a new toilet to the tune of $350 installed. This was on top of the $95 fee for that visit!! My husband and I like to do home improvements, but plumbing wasn’t something we were willing to tackle. We told the kids to start using a different toilet until after the holidays when the $350 could be worked into our budget.

I ordered your Rubba Swisha, Rubba Sweepa and Scrubba and was so happy when they came in yesterday! I was so excited to try the Rubba Sweepa! But lo and behold, it’s the Swisha that stole my heart.

I swished out the upstairs toilet and was amazed at the buildup of mineral deposits that I was getting off. I clean my toilet, but I can’t reach under the rim with a regular toilet brush. Then came the moment of truth. I flushed. It works!! I have flushed that toilet half a dozen times and even loaded it up with toilet paper to make sure. The darned thing works like a champ! I don’t know how a clean toilet equals a working toilet, but it does!

Thanks so much!
Flyin’ and Flushin’ in Alabama!


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