My Husband Loves His New Office in a Bag


Dear FlyLady,

Last month I ordered your black Office in a Bag for my husband, who, newly retired from the Air Force, needed a briefcase for work, but did not like the traditional box-type briefcases; he was used to carrying around a back-pack in which he carried all his stuff.

Your design is simple, yet ingenious.  He absolutely loves it.  At first he disliked the strap, because it seemed a bit less masculine than a regular handle, until he realized the strap enabled his Office in a Bag to lay flat when opened.

Your Office in a Bag really does have a place for everything.  He’s even been known to carry a pear or a coffee cup in it!  He fits his cell phone, calculator, the day’s mail, folders, and you-name-it, in this bag.  At work, if someone asks where he got it, he tells them about your site!

Is there a chance you could produce a thin wallet for the men?  I think he’d love your wallet as much as he loves your Office in a Bag, but I believe he’d prefer a blue or black liner, and maybe no insignia?

Anyway, I thought, if you didn’t know already, you’d like to know now that men like your stuff as much as we women do.

Fluttering Along


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