A Different Use For The Water Bottle

Good Morning!
When I first started with FlyLady, I purchased two of the water bottles. Like everyone else, I really liked the fact that the water stays cold for a long time and the bottle doesn’t sweat.  After all, It gets hot in Oklahoma during the summer.  When the new 32 oz size appeared, I purchased two of them to be able to fill up and pack away in the cooler.  Now, I am never out of water.
But,  it is winter and  I am drinking more hot tea and coffee during the day.  I still drink water, but I wasn’t using the larger bottles.  But two days last  week, I was awaken at 5:39 am by 4.2 magnitude earthquakes.  The epicenters were within 3 miles from my home.  Quite a racket and shaking, so much shaking that the local electric substation’s switches tripped and I lost power. I really could have used a nice cup of tea to calm me down while I waited for sunrise.
I have a new routine.  Last thing at night, I boil water and fill up the two larger bottles. I can make my tea or some instant soup while I wait for power to return.  The water is still hot in the morning and I use it to make coffee as well as a pot of tea.  I refill the bottles with boiling water, just in case the power goes out during the day.
Flying and shaking in Oklahoma!



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