FlyLady Saved My Children


Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been fluttering for about six months now. Already, FlyLady has enabled me to offer my children, who home school, a calm and peaceful environment in which to learn. FlyLady has also enabled me to bless friends and strangers with clothing, furniture and other things we no longer needed or loved. This week, FlyLady saved my children’s lives.

I’m not exaggerating. Several months ago, I asked my DH to use our  FlyLady Dryer kit to clean out the dryer. He did, and I was grateful.  Recently, however, FlyLady sent out a dryer reminder and it was sort of nagging at my brain. DH is really busy right now, so I called our friendly appliance wizard and asked him to come out and check our dryer. He came this morning and found that our dryer vent, which goes out the roof, was completely blocked up, so the lint had no where to go but back in the dryer. He showed me how the lint right around the dryer’s flame had already singed and burned. We were about one set of wet sheets away from a house fire.

The scariest thing, for me, is that my dryer is upstairs, right next to my daughter’s bedroom. In the evenings, when my dd is tucked into her bed, I often throw a load in the dryer and go downstairs. That dryer — which was so close to going up in flames — lies between the stairs and my little girl’s room.

Thank you, FlyLady. Your reminders are a blessing.
Fluttery Kate


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