Alice Needs Your Help!

 Parents of School-Age Children: Alice needs your help with a project!

I need your help with my next book project – a book for teachers, student support staff, and school administrators about how to effectively engage families and form effective partnerships with parents.

Working title: “Calling All School Personnel: What Parents Want You to Know About Forming Positive, Effective Working Relationships with Families.”

What experiences have you had and what observations have you made that school staff should know about?

If you ran the school, what are the first things you would change?

What advice would you give to a new teacher or new principal about how to effectively interact with parents?

What could school staff do that would make school life easier for you and for your child?

How could home/school communication improve?

What is the best thing a teacher or administrator ever said to you or your child?

What is the worst thing a teacher or administrator ever said to you or your child?

If your family has left public education, why and how did that happen?

Tell me your stories, good and bad.  Voice your questions, concerns, compliments, and advice.

Educational reform from the grassroots level!

Please email me your ideas, stories, and advice at

Be a voice that makes a difference!

Happy 2016!


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