I am So Proud of You – Pass it On

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

Thank you for putting the ten pack of purple positive pens on the website. I like to have some on hand to give as pick me up gifts to people who are feeling discouraged. Not many are flybabies, but all have a right to be allowed to feel proud of themselves. I have given pens to a single mother of two putting herself through college. A first time college professor. A mother of two grown children who is having tough times with her dd. A flybaby who keeps trying to flutter. Plus many others.

I use them for myself when I am paying bills (FACing my finances) or writing my latest essay (15 minutes at a time). I use them to make shopping lists (menu planning) or to make my to do lists (routines). I am so thankful you have presented me the opportunity to make others feel good about themselves and to let myself feel good about me.

Thank you,
Flying and Flinging in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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