Back to Basics: Slow and Steady

Dear Friends,

I just did my 15 minutes on the treadmill. As I was trudging along at a steady clip, this mantra keep entering my head. So I just kept repeating it and formulating essays for the group. When I got off the treadmill, I checked my email, the first words I read were Slow and Steady. The second email had the word persevere in it. Talk about a God Breeze and two confirmations in a matter of minutes; Well my sails are up and ready to let His breeze guide my words and touch your heart. I have no clue what I am about to tell you, but the message is there, and I have to get it out or I will bust.

So here Goes. Slow and steady wins the race. So many times we are filled with passion, the passion of life, religion, and yes a passion for getting our homes in order. It is like a shooting star. It is beautiful as it streaks through the heavens and we are blessed to have seen it, but then it is gone and we keep wishing to see another one. That flicker of bright light was there for only a few seconds, yet it has made an impact on us. We forget that during the day we are blessed with an abundance of bright light from our Sun. This light nurtures our planet, give us the life that God blessed us with. It is slow and steady, giving us exactly what we need. Yet we don’t think about it persistence until we are stuck with a week of dreary rainy weather. The life drains right out of us.

Let’s think about the Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare: Their race is just like our lives. In our perfectionism, we have no doubt that we can win this, but I just need to do this first, it will only take a few minutes away from the task at hand. That Tortoise is so slow, she won’t get anywhere while I go and take care of business. I may even take a little break to preserve my strength. I need my rest. We get sidetracked just like the Hare. While the Tortoise is steadily plodding away, one step, one tiny slow baby step. She is focused on the final prize and never takes her mind off it. Slow and steady! So while the Hare is off doing who knows what: Sleeping, committee work, anything to get her mind off of the task at hand, the slow and steady Tortoise has gotten to the end of the race by taking those consistent steps day in and day out. Every thought process is geared toward the prize of a peaceful home.

Perseverance: Slow and Steady wins the race: Is our rally cry. No more flash in the pan and crash and burn mentality. We have learned our lesson. It has never worked for long. We are going to accomplish our goal, with our new found attitude. One foot in front of the other until we finally get what we want. Adopt this for your inner voice. All these words to keep you moving when you want to give up; Don’t overwhelm yourself with daunting tasks that even Superwoman could not accomplish in a lifetime. Know your limits and do a little each and every day. Before you know it, your home will be decluttered and you will have your life back.

You know what they say: Keep on Keeping on!

Are you ready to FLY,


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