January Habit #29 Without the Screaming

Dear FlyLady,

I recently rejoined your group online and what a blessing it has been for my family.

Although I always had success with shining my sink each day (or at least keeping it empty and rinsed out), somewhere in the past couple of years that went by the wayside. With each passing day I got more and more frustrated because I could not seem to keep my kitchen clean. I would go on strike and refuse to do ANYTHING in the kitchen, unless someone else took care of the messes that everyone else left.

Basically, I would have a temper tantrum, without the screaming usually.

Finally I just got up one day, rejoined and shined my sink. Since then, my sink has stayed clean and it has started spreading to other areas of my house and my life. I am able to keep the counters and the stove clean.

I organized all of the lower cabinets in my kitchen (that was an all day feat!) and have a lot of items to pass on, as well as 2 big bags of garbage thrown away. And I am not talking about things that I no longer want I am talking about papers, receipts, magazines, notebooks, schoolwork, etc that has been cluttering up my kitchen and my life for years. I can honestly say that I no longer have a junk drawer in my kitchen! I have also fully organized my closet and discovered that I have more space than I thought.

I also managed to find a Panera gift card I lost about 2 years ago and was able to treat myself, my daughter and her best friend to lunch last week!

I am working (7 or 15 minutes at a time, depending on how much time I have) to declutter. Tonight I did three 15 minute rounds in my laundry room and made a HUGE discovery.

Many years ago (back in the 90’s), my husband put two shelves up above the washer and dryer, so I would have a place to put stuff. Well, tonight I FINALLY cleaned it off. I found $1.28, a lot of hair accessories and chapstick, all sorts of cleaners I never use, rubbing alcohol that expired 2 years ago, ear drops for our dog that expired 3 years ago, a Readers Digest magazine from Feb of 2006, and a picture of my 3rd great grandfather that I thought I lost years ago. What is left will fit nicely on a small metal shelf with wheels, between the washer and dryer. I am going to take down the wall shelves and hang up some nice pictures to prevent myself from letting that happen again.

One of the biggest changes (and challenges) that I made for myself was deciding to block FarmVille from my Facebook account. I could easily spend many hours each day on there and accomplish nothing around the house.

Since doing that last week I have rediscovered my house can be a home. I have a long way to go, but feel that I can be successful this time!

Sue in Norfolk, VA

FlyLady here: Your house can be a home with routines and BabySteps.

Pull out your timer and use it. You can set it for 7 minutes or more. Give yourself permission to do a little and stop. And then do a little more. These bits of time will make a big difference.

The timer is one of the most important tools you will ever have in helping you bless your home.

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