I Love Hearing Success Stories

Hi, Pam:

Well, tomorrow I fly out to Seattle to be with my dear daughters and watch my older daughter graduate. Although I didn’t get to my ultimate goal weight of 115 lbs, I am happy to say that this morning, my scale read 122. The day I ordered “Mouthtrap,” I was 128, with a jump up to 129.5 at one point in my journey. So, one and 1/5 bags of flour gone! And that’s with “speed bumps” like half-price lasagna night and a ten-day vacation in the road!!

This is the best progress I’ve ever made with losing weight. As you point out in the book, it’s not about WHAT I eat so much as about HOW I eat. Just like my clients, who I counsel to keep an eye on clutter so that it does not creep up and overwhelm them, I have to keep close watch on how I eat (timing, portion sizes, bites, what I’m drinking). I can’t go on “autopilot” – at least not yet.

Previously, I would have been disappointed and discouraged by not getting to my ultimate goal. You and your book, however, have helped me be more gentle with my “Little One.” I’m very happy to be at this weight, with several inches of “wax” melted away so that my size 8s fit loosely.

Can’t wait to send you a picture of me with my daughters!

With loving gratitude,



Pam Here: I love hearing success stories from women who’ve read The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! I’ve been on a low-carb lifestyle now for five years and I never yo yo my weight! It really is magic!

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