Never Too Old To Learn New Tricks

Good Morning FlyLady,
I’m not sure where to start.

My daughter turned me on to your web site several months ago. I am 62, no kids at home anymore. My husband passed away 6 months ago so my challenges in life differ then most of the testimonials I read.

My husband was a pack rat, a bit of a hoarder and I lovingly refer to him as simply¬† “a collector of things”! He was an amazing handyman and in 43 years of marriage I can count on one hand the repairs he hired someone else to do!

So, after 3 weekends of yard sales, (he had 2 storage places full) we called it the MAN-CAVE SALE, I am now down to the stuff at home. Here’s where you come in!!

I have been on a declutter mission for several weeks. I have actually made it thru every room, closet and drawer in my home. Some days I can only do 5 minutes, or only one item removed from a shelf!! But everyday I attempt to do at least that one thing, besides keeping my sink shining. It would be so easy to just go to bed and cover up my head and let everything just pile up!!

I purchased purple rags (amazing) the mop (very easy to use), and a water bottle ( really lives up to your claims) and a mug!! I really Love her cause she looks like me, without wings of course!!! But her smiling face makes me smile in the mornings when I pour that cup of coffee!

So, thanks to your e-mails and reminders and especially KEEPING IT SIMPLE I am coping better and sorting thru the stuff. Now, I’m ready to repeat the decluttering ( re-declutter? ) one more time because by the time I made it to the other end of the house I have come to realize the true meaning of your method, and am less emotional about what I really need.

For ME, not us or we. So keep up the good work.


NTOTL (Never Too Old To Learn)

FlyLady here: I know you join me in offering condolences to this dear lady.  I am so glad that we can help her declutter her home.

She is keeping what she needs, uses, or loves. I am so proud of her for doing what Robert and I like to call “Project Mode”! This is why we like to declutter something every day!

I am very happy she loves the tools she ordered from the FlyShop.

The declutter kit and the timer are two tools that can help you declutter.

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