Snowy Garden Rubba Scrubba

Hi there FlyLady

Here in England we’re trying to compete with Minnesota in the world snow challenge, as the country normally grinds to a halt after one cm of snow and we’ve now had the odd foot or two I reckon an optimistic ‘nearly as much as you’ wouldn’t go amiss.

Ok, most of the schools have been shut and the New Years John Hoppin soup from Leanne is now being eaten as a form of dried jerky but we can still manage a moment of do-it-now with the girlies purple friend….Rubba Scrubba!!

We’ve had snow, frost, snow, snow, defrost, freeze, snow and the garden shrubs have now gone from absolutely magical wonderland scenes to old crones bent out of shape with the weight of frozen snow.

I have an absolute favourite plant that was suffering snow induced osteoporosis and the next step was clearly a broken back. So I hatted and gloved and then had to trot through the snow because it’s so deep, like, I was going to say a thoroughbred but lets be more accurate, welsh pit pony to my plant waving my rubba scrubba like a wand to keep me balanced.

And I was so glad I did, as what looked like a fun heavy duty beret of snow was a jolly dense pudding enmeshed in all the branches. And as you can already imagine the purple wonder did a fab gentle job clearing the snow mass from the branches which are now reaching out as if for a lovely deep breath and catching the snow currently falling.

Ooooooh I love my Rubba Scrubba.

Kind regards,

FlyLady Rebecca here: The BoGo for the Rubba Scrubba and The Handy Scrubba ends Tonight at midnight eastern time so, you only have a few more hours to snag this deal!  

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